{Book of the Month} Who Sang the First Song?

“Who sang the first song? Who hummed the first tune? Was it the wind blowing past the silvery moon?”

Who Sang the First Song? By: Ellie Holcomb

Why you should read this book…

This is book, put simply, is a delight for readers young and old! The album that was written to accompany the book has been on repeat at our house for weeks, and we were all thrilled when the book was gifted to us by a dear friend!

There is something about the seemingly simple question that grabs the attention of those who have been reading for years, or those that still sit on laps to listen. Who did sing the first song? Why do we sing today? Why does the thunder go boom?

This little book is a delightful reminder of the goodness and beauty of creation, and the perfect plan of the Creator. I hope you’ll find a copy to read today, even if you don’t have little ones in your house. Maybe, you need the reminder on the last page more than you think…

Then there’s the illustrations… are there even words?! Simply fantastic and whimsical in the best sort of way. The attention to detail is stunning, and you might be surprised how many creatures are squeezed onto each page.


Here at The Corner Shelf, you’ll find Who Sang the First Song? on The Top Shelf.

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