Welcome, friends.

My name is Madelyn Canada. I’m a preschool teacher, writer, avid re-reader of old books, and notoriously unsuccessful cook. This corner of the web is where I write for people, like myself, who need to be reminded that this is not the end of the story, and one day, every tear will be wiped away.

Born and raised in the south, then transplanted after high school to the Midwest, I am the oldest of eight odd (yet delightful) human beings who all enjoy one another a great deal. I have a dog named Gilbert (yes, after Gilbert Blythe) and one day I’d like someone to get a dog named Anne (with an “e”) so they can be friends. I like to read old books, drink coffee, make sourdough bread, wear wild socks, make my friends babies laugh, and take long walks in the summer to watch the sunsets behind our house. My ridiculous dream since I was nine years old has been to go to used bookstore in Oxford one day. That, and to visit every lighthouse on the east coast.

I live in southern Ohio and am a member of a Reformed Baptist congregation. I hold (as my church does) to the London Baptist Confession of 1689. I believe the chief ministry in the life of a believer is that of their local church and it is my privilege to spend much of my time serving alongside them. If you are a believer and not able to find a local church near you, please feel free to reach out.

Why this blog?

When I was little my dream was to open a used bookstore where people would come looking for a good book to read, a cup of coffee to drink while they perused the shelves, and then sit in an armchair to tell me their own stories. Who I aspired to become and what I aspired to do can be summed up well in the following quote:

“She read stories — that goes without saying — and she was comfortable to sit upon while she read them. She abided no nonsense unless nonsense was precisely what was required. She was there with a fervent embrace when a fervent embrace was the only thing that could make it better. And she was there with — well, she was there.”

A Place to Hang the Moon, by Kate Albus

I know that such an ideal is one I can never live up to, but like all impossible dreams, it’s worth a shot. Since bookstores are declining in popularity and since I’m a preschool teacher with little extra time to run one even if they were the hottest trend, the closest I could come to is this blog. I hope to do here what I would do in my used bookstore: read books, offer comfort, tell stories, and simply be there. If you choose to stop by regularly, I hope you’ll find some good books to read. I hope some of my stories amuse you. I hope you feel welcomed, and walk away with even the faintest sliver of hope. I hope you’ll remember, if nothing else, that Jesus is King, and because of that, a happily ever after is guaranteed for His people. Do you know Him? Have you taken hold of the salvation He offers? If not, what are you waiting for? He stands ready to save.

Below are several blogs I follow. 


Tim Challies is a Canadian author, speaker, blogger, and become a long distance friend over the years. When you follow his blog, you’ll get his daily A la Carte in your inbox. It is a wonderful assortment of daily articles from the web on current events, theological studies, and general news from a Christian worldview.


Abigail is a long distance kindred spirit whom I was acquainted with via Twitter. Since then I’ve always enjoyed her brave outlook on life and constant reminder to have courage and press on. I’m certain you’ll be blessed by her writing as I continually am.


Cassie is another far away friend who writes about books, theology, and Christ. Her blog is thought provoking and delightful, do hop on over and read some of her content. You’ll not be disappointed.


Brianna’s writing is practical and lovely. Whether discussing motherhood, marriage, or ordinary faithfulness to Christ her writing stirs me up to love others well and walk in obedience to God.

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