Hey there! I’m Madelyn!

I like to consider myself a collector of stories, rather than a book reviewer, or literary critic, or even avid reader. This blog is where you’ll find my favorite stories, my thoughts on those stories, my chats with the creators of those stories, and some random musings that stem from those stories. So, if you aren’t a fan of stories, you could leave, or stick around awhile anyway. You never know, this could be the place that changes your mind. You can read the story behind the beginnings of the blog here.

I’m on the board at our small town’s Historical Society where I serve as newsletter editor. I’m working in my spare time on writing a little book on hymns. Not the fictional masterpiece I always dreamed of, but a project near and dear to my heart. One day, I hope to settle down and be a wife and mother, but for now I’m savoring the years of the writer life. We’ll see what the Lord has in store.

I was born in Arkansas, and raised a Razorback fan (WOO PIG SOOIE!) in the sandhills of North Carolina. I’m all about wide porches, pumpkin spice, sweet tea, typewriters, sweaters, Christmas lights, blessing hearts, yellow tulips, British detectives, and cardinals. I’m always down for a game of Nertz, a tear inducing movie, or a heart to heart on my back porch.

For fellow Meyers-Briggs fanatics, I’m an INFP. I’ll talk if you’re willing to go further than the weather, and when I start, I might not shut up. Don’t believe me? Ask my family. However, on the weekends, you’ll likely find me alone with a book and cup of strong coffee (or two).

I was introduced to the gospel at a young age, and Jesus Christ amazes me more and more with each passing day. I’m an unashamed, Bible believing, by grace alone through faith alone, take my life and let it be, for the glory of God alone, follower of Christ. I believe gospel truths and eternal change can happen in a story, which we’ll touch on more later. He is the reason I write, read, learn, love, and live. I hope if you don’t know Him, that you’ll meet Him here. He changes lives in the most extraordinary way.

Well, that’s enough about me. I’m glad you made it here. Make yourself a cup of coffee, or a glass of sweet tea, find a comfy chair, and stick around for awhile. You’re always welcome at The Corner Shelf. 

Below are several blogs I follow. 


From books to music to solid Scriptural encouragement, Glenna has you covered. Her album Hold Me Fast is one of my favorites. You can find a link to purchase it on her blog.


Tim Challies is a Canadian author, speaker, and blogger. When you follow his blog, you’ll get his daily A la Carte in your inbox. It is a wonderful assortment of daily articles from the web on current events, theological studies, and general news from a Christian worldview.


Lindsey does thorough reviews on books for girls. If you are wanting to find clean, fun reads for girls between 11 and 19, her blog is the place to go! She is the sweetest! Her YouTube channel is loads of fun too. Lots of book talk, fangirling, and joy!


If you live in the Triangle area of NC, and are looking for portraits, branding, or a fun family photo shoot, this is where you need to go! Michal has been one of my best friends since middle school, and not only will you get fantastic photos, you’re guaranteed to have a blast with her while doing so. Her laughter is contagious.

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