{Book Review} When Breaks the Dawn

“You’re sure?” he asked me.

“Perfectly sure.”

And I was. With Wynn’s arms about me and God’s peace in my heart, I had no reason to doubt or fear anything the future might hold.

-When Breaks the Dawn

About the book…

The third installment in the beloved Canadian West Saga, this book continues chronicling Wynn and Elizabeth Delaney’s life in the Northern territories, miles from the cities Elizabeth was accustomed too during her childhood and early adult years. Heartache is something they have become well acquainted with in the past, but this time when two special little ones make their way into the Delaney home, neither Wynn or Elizabeth are prepared for the joy and sorrow that is going to shake their world.

About the author…

Janette Oke, is the pioneer of modern inspirational fiction, and as of 2016, the author of seventy-five books. Her popular Love Comes Softly Series is beloved worldwide. She grew up in Canada, and resides there now with her husband Edward where they are actively involved in their church.

Some personal thoughts…

This one is a tear jerker for sure. It’s a sad story. Good, but sad.

The overarching theme of the story is Elizabeth’s longing for a child, and coming to grips with the terms that she may never have a baby of her own. She watches many mothers in the village have babies and raise children of their own, and she feels very separated, not having that in common with them. Her contentment with the situation rises and falls throughout the book. Her questions are very real, and sometimes unanswered.

It gets harder though. When her deepest longing and desire is fulfilled, she finds herself on a cloud of seemingly untouchable happiness, until a loss so crippling sends her even further down than she was before. Yet through it all, she clings to God’s faithfulness, and the promise that He works all things for good.

It’s a good story, with a satisfying ending, even if it’s not a happy one. Something I appreciate Oke’s willingness and ability to do. The characters problems are not magically solved in the last chapter. If you’re looking for a feel good read, I would recommend finding another book for now. If you’re looking for a good cry, this is for you.


Things worth mentioning…

Even though Elizabeth’s biggest dilemma in the story, is her inability to conceive, no detail is included. It was not uncomfortable to read in the slightest, and I would without hesitancy consider it a perfectly suitable read for a young teenage girl.

Oke writes soft love stories, nothing overly gushy or romantic. This particular series, I enjoy so much because it chronicles a marriage story, not just the falling in love aspect. It’s a picture of life after the honeymoon stage. It’s a hard road they walk, together. A beautiful example in my opinion. This I would definitely consider more of a historical fiction than a romance. Well done, sweet and simple.


Here at The Corner Shelf you’ll find When Breaks the Dawn on The Middle Shelf. 

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