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{Shop Spotlight & Interview} Lucy McCracken – Lucy in the Sky Creations

It is my pleasure to welcome Lucy McCracken from Lucy in the Sky Creations for our third Saturday in the Small Shop Spotlight Series!! Her watercolors are whimsical and classic. Beautiful work tha is sure to brighten any space, bag, or even book…

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{Shop Spotlight & Interview} Lindsey Hunter – Dear Heart Letter Co.

Happy Saturday, friends! It’s our second week in the Small Shop Spotlight Series, and it is an honor to welcome Lindsey Hunter from Dear Heart Letter Co. to the blog today! *insert loud applause here*

I found Lindsey’s shop through another shop that will be featured the end of this month, Sweet Sequels, when she was part of a giveaway. I saw her “Courage, dear heart” tin mug, and as a huge Narnia fan I fell in love with it! Lindsey was so kind to agree to an interview, and was actually the first shop I had lined up! So without further ado, it is my pleasure to share her interview! Also, for a link to her shop, scroll to the bottom of this post.

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Interviews & Guest Posts

Interview with Mark Hamby {Part 1: Suffering and Endurance in Stories}

Mark Hamby is the president of Lamplighter Publishing, a division of Lamplighter Ministries. He has graciously joined me for a two part interview that I pray is encouraging and enjoyable! Link to the Lamplighter website is found at the bottom of this post. 

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Interviews & Guest Posts

{Shop Spotlight & Interview} Audrey Bodine – Beloved and Book Shop

Kicking off our Small Shop Spotlight Series, it is my absolute pleasure to feature Audrey Bodine from Beloved and Book Shop! *insert loud applause here*

I stumbled across Audrey on Instagram a few months ago. What pulled me in was her 1) sense of humor and fellow appreciation of puns, and 2) her weekend writing advice. After following her, I came across her re-birthed shop, and knew it had to be featured. She graciously agreed!

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Fiction Reviews, The Middle Shelf: YA or Adult

{Book Review} When Breaks the Dawn

“You’re sure?” he asked me.

“Perfectly sure.”

And I was. With Wynn’s arms about me and God’s peace in my heart, I had no reason to doubt or fear anything the future might hold.

-When Breaks the Dawn

About the book…

The third installment in the beloved Canadian West Saga, this book continues chronicling Wynn and Elizabeth Delaney’s life in the Northern territories, miles from the cities Elizabeth was accustomed too during her childhood and early adult years. Heartache is something they have become well acquainted with in the past, but this time when two special little ones make their way into the Delaney home, neither Wynn or Elizabeth are prepared for the joy and sorrow that is going to shake their world.

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{Book Review} Beloved Bride & Small Announcement

“Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees.”

-Beloved Bride

About the book…

The letters of the American hero, Stonewall Jackson, to his wife, Anna. He is a respected leader in military history, and remembered for his death at such a young age. His story graces many history books, and other non-fiction works, but there is nothing quite so personal as the letters he wrote to his beloved bride.

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Fiction Reviews, The Top Shelf: YA or Adult

{Book Review} The Negotiator

Kate O’Malley had been in the dungeon since dawn.

-The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

About the book…

Kate O’Malley is one of the toughest hostage negotiators on the force. She is known for her willingness to walk into any situation, regardless of the potential threat. Kate’s normal, routine, and thrilling world is shaken however when her sister Jennifer comes for a visit, with more than one piece of shocking news. In the wake of the personal news, Kate is pulled into a serious investigation when a plane explodes in mid-air, moments after an anonymous phone call is made to the flight tower putting her at risk. She and FBI agent, Dave Richman, team up to figure out why someone blew up a plane, and how in the world, she is connected to it. The answers push Kate to finally deal with her belief (or lack thereof) in God, and how a good God could allow so much heartache.

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Top Shelf

{Book Review} Shadow of the Almighty

“I know that my hopes and plans for myself could not be any better than He has arranged and fulfilled them. Thus may we all find it, and know the truth of the Word which says, ‘He will be our Guide even until death.'”

-Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot

About the book…

While this book is once again written by Elisabeth Elliot, and contains an account of the death of the five missionaries who had set out to reach a native people group with the Gospel, it differs greatly from Through Gates of Splendor. This is a collection of Jim’s personal journal entries, letters, and other written works that give us a glimpse into his mind and heart, not only as a missionary, but as a teenager, young adult, husband, father, and most of all, as a follower of Jesus Christ.

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