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Book Review: When Calls the Heart

Birds sang their last songs of the day before tucking in for the night, and still the darkness hung back. Now, I thought, I understand the word “twilight.” It was created for just this time – in this land.”
― Janette Oke When Calls the Heart

About the book…

Elizabeth Thatcher was raised in the privileged East of Canada. When her brother writes asking her to journey westward and become a teacher to children in the wild, she is faced with the decision to make a daring journey into the unknown, or stay home where she has a steady job and loving family.

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Book Review: Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

She took the offered hand, and hers disappeared in his. “Jennifer O’Malley.”

“Nice to meet you, Jennifer.”

-Dee Henderson Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

About the book…

The O’Malley family. Seven orphans who grew up in the same orphanage, and formed their own family, legally changing all their last names to “O’Malley” as soon as they reached legal adulthood. All seven of them now live around the country, with different jobs, making an effort to stay together as the years go by. Jennifer is the youngest, a pediatrician in Texas who is about to have her world shaken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When tough times at work hit, she finds herself asking questions about God that she’s never wondered before. Ironically the man she goes to for answers, begins to steal her heart. But when her worst nightmare becomes Jennifer’s reality, will her new found faith be enough to sustain her?

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Book Review: Many Sparrows

“What is there?” she asked.

“The way forward. It’ll be shown to us.”

Many Sparrows

About the Book…

Clare is following her husband along the trail to the Ohio territory, with their young son and soon to be born child, when her nightmare becomes reality. All in one night, her husband is killed, her son disappears, and she goes into labor. Alone, in the wilderness. What follows is the story of one mother’s desperate search for her son among Indians, her fight to leave him in the hands of the Almighty when she cannot have him in her own, and the beauty of forgiveness, redemption, and compassion when she is forced to befriend the woman behind the greatest pain she has ever felt. Walking right beside Clare all along, is the mysterious Jeremiah Ring, who seems to want every one taken care of, yet doesn’t try to do it on his own.

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Book Review: Stepping Heavenward

“…if God chooses quite another lot for you, you may be sure that He sees that you need something totally different from what you want.”

– Elizabeth Prentiss Stepping Heavenward*

About the Book

Katy Mortimer is turning sixteen, and her mother has gifted her with a journal. Katy takes the journal, and records the next several years of her life. She journeys through the teenage years of questions and rebellion, the young adult tragedies and joys of finding love, the challenges and wonder of motherhood, and most of all, the humbling, satisfying walk with her Savior, as she steps heavenward.

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