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{Book Review} The King’s Mercy

Pauling’s message never wavered. Present suffering didn’t mean the Almighty’s purposes were void. He’d the best planned for His children, and that best would include trials. Affliction. But understanding His ways wasn’t the path to peace. Peace was always with us, because He is peace.

The King’s Mercy
Lori Benton

About the book…

Joanna Carey is the step-daughter of a wealthy plantation owner along the Cape Fear River. Her world is changed when captured rebel, Alex MacKinnon, is granted the king’s mercy and becomes an indentured servant on the plantation. Joanna aches for a different life, one where slaves are no longer treated as property, but as human beings. She listens intently to the traveling Reverend Pauling, and seeks his wisdom on the matter at hand. Alex is forced to choose between embracing the freedom Reverend Pauling speaks of so fondly, or deciding to rebel and define freedom for himself. Along the way, romance blossoms, making both Joanna and Alex’s choices far more complex than they were to begin with.

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{Book Review} The Christy Miller Collection Vol. 1

“I also learned that,” Christy added, “no matter what happens to me, the Lord always goes before me and He’s always with me.” She felt a little bolder than usual, and a little surer that her summer promise to Jesus was real and lasting.

A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn

About the book…

The Christy Miller Series has been a beloved series among Christian girls since the first one released in 1988. The series spans from Christy’s high school years to marriage and motherhood. This first volume in the collector’s edition contains the first three books: A Summer Promise, A Whisper and a Wish, and Yours Forever. These first three books of The Christy Miller Series chronicle Christy’s first high school years, her salvation, and developing relationship with fellow Christian, Todd.

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{Book Review} When Breaks the Dawn

“You’re sure?” he asked me.

“Perfectly sure.”

And I was. With Wynn’s arms about me and God’s peace in my heart, I had no reason to doubt or fear anything the future might hold.

-When Breaks the Dawn

About the book…

The third installment in the beloved¬†Canadian West Saga,¬†this book continues chronicling Wynn and Elizabeth Delaney’s life in the Northern territories, miles from the cities Elizabeth was accustomed too during her childhood and early adult years. Heartache is something they have become well acquainted with in the past, but this time when two special little ones make their way into the Delaney home, neither Wynn or Elizabeth are prepared for the joy and sorrow that is going to shake their world.

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Book Review: The Golden Thread

“The only way of being delivered from temptation is to be brave, and do what is right, come what may.”

-Norman MacLeod The Golden Thread

About the Book…

Young Philip lives in the kingdom of Hemlock, where his father is the King. The kingdom is happy and safe, and full of joy and love. However, as with all far kingdom’s, there is evil that seeks to destroy it. When the prince is off on an annual hunting party, he gets lost and cannot make out which is the way home on his own. Philip must learn to follow his father’s golden thread, that winds through the forest to bring lost travelers back to the kingdom of Hemlock, rather than wander off into seemingly innocent distractions along the way. This treasure of a book tells an allegorical tale of staying true to our King, and following His way, no matter the cost. It is rich with wisdom, and hope.

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