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{Book Review} When Breaks the Dawn

“You’re sure?” he asked me.

“Perfectly sure.”

And I was. With Wynn’s arms about me and God’s peace in my heart, I had no reason to doubt or fear anything the future might hold.

-When Breaks the Dawn

About the book…

The third installment in the beloved Canadian West Saga, this book continues chronicling Wynn and Elizabeth Delaney’s life in the Northern territories, miles from the cities Elizabeth was accustomed too during her childhood and early adult years. Heartache is something they have become well acquainted with in the past, but this time when two special little ones make their way into the Delaney home, neither Wynn or Elizabeth are prepared for the joy and sorrow that is going to shake their world.

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{Book Review} The Negotiator

Kate O’Malley had been in the dungeon since dawn.

-The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

About the book…

Kate O’Malley is one of the toughest hostage negotiators on the force. She is known for her willingness to walk into any situation, regardless of the potential threat. Kate’s normal, routine, and thrilling world is shaken however when her sister Jennifer comes for a visit, with more than one piece of shocking news. In the wake of the personal news, Kate is pulled into a serious investigation when a plane explodes in mid-air, moments after an anonymous phone call is made to the flight tower putting her at risk. She and FBI agent, Dave Richman, team up to figure out why someone blew up a plane, and how in the world, she is connected to it. The answers push Kate to finally deal with her belief (or lack thereof) in God, and how a good God could allow so much heartache.

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{Book Review} When Comes the Spring

This is just the beginning, Elizabeth. We have today as a memory, but we have all of the tomorrows as exciting possibilities.

-When Comes the Spring

About the book…

This is the second book in the Canadian West Saga. Her life as a single teacher in the Wild West is over. She’s fallen in love, and is following the man of her dreams to the uncivilized Northern Territory. But this isn’t an easy going love story. They don’t live happily ever after, but they live stronger ever after. The North is a lonely, cold, dark place, where not a single person seems to share the love for God that Elizabeth does. The challenges, the loneliness, the doubts, creep in and threaten to tear apart their new marriage. In the end, Wynn and Elizabeth must face the fact: they cannot do this alone. They can only be sustained by the God who brought them together.

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Book Review: Danger in the Shadows

With every book, another fact, another detail, another intense emotion, broke from her own past… Reliving what had happened to her twenty-five years ago was terrifying. Necessary, but terrifying.

Dee Henderson Danger in the Shadows

About the book…

Sara Walsh has lived under intense security for twenty-five years, and now more than ever she wishes her past didn’t require it. Adam Black is a former football player who attracts far to much attention to be seen with Sara. When they begin to form a close friendship, will the FBI be able to catch the man out to get Sara before her association with Adam leads the killer straight to her? Can Sara learn to rest in the sovereignty of God, regardless of the situation she finds herself in?

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Book Review: When Calls the Heart

Birds sang their last songs of the day before tucking in for the night, and still the darkness hung back. Now, I thought, I understand the word “twilight.” It was created for just this time – in this land.”
― Janette Oke When Calls the Heart

About the book…

Elizabeth Thatcher was raised in the privileged East of Canada. When her brother writes asking her to journey westward and become a teacher to children in the wild, she is faced with the decision to make a daring journey into the unknown, or stay home where she has a steady job and loving family.

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Book Review: Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

She took the offered hand, and hers disappeared in his. “Jennifer O’Malley.”

“Nice to meet you, Jennifer.”

-Dee Henderson Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

About the book…

The O’Malley family. Seven orphans who grew up in the same orphanage, and formed their own family, legally changing all their last names to “O’Malley” as soon as they reached legal adulthood. All seven of them now live around the country, with different jobs, making an effort to stay together as the years go by. Jennifer is the youngest, a pediatrician in Texas who is about to have her world shaken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When tough times at work hit, she finds herself asking questions about God that she’s never wondered before. Ironically the man she goes to for answers, begins to steal her heart. But when her worst nightmare becomes Jennifer’s reality, will her new found faith be enough to sustain her?

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Book Review: The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery


I can’t tell if that sound is coming from around me, but soon there are more sounds. Water, brown water, is swirling all around me and there’s an undertow to it.”

The Mona Lisa Mirror Mystery

About the Book…

Addy is a young girl living in New Mexico. When she begins to have weird dreams while looking at a painting in her room, she and her friends are pulled into a mystery surrounding the Mona Lisa and the woman (or women) it portrays.

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Book Review: Many Sparrows

“What is there?” she asked.

“The way forward. It’ll be shown to us.”

Many Sparrows

About the Book…

Clare is following her husband along the trail to the Ohio territory, with their young son and soon to be born child, when her nightmare becomes reality. All in one night, her husband is killed, her son disappears, and she goes into labor. Alone, in the wilderness. What follows is the story of one mother’s desperate search for her son among Indians, her fight to leave him in the hands of the Almighty when she cannot have him in her own, and the beauty of forgiveness, redemption, and compassion when she is forced to befriend the woman behind the greatest pain she has ever felt. Walking right beside Clare all along, is the mysterious Jeremiah Ring, who seems to want every one taken care of, yet doesn’t try to do it on his own.

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Book Review: The Golden Thread

“The only way of being delivered from temptation is to be brave, and do what is right, come what may.”

-Norman MacLeod The Golden Thread

About the Book…

Young Philip lives in the kingdom of Hemlock, where his father is the King. The kingdom is happy and safe, and full of joy and love. However, as with all far kingdom’s, there is evil that seeks to destroy it. When the prince is off on an annual hunting party, he gets lost and cannot make out which is the way home on his own. Philip must learn to follow his father’s golden thread, that winds through the forest to bring lost travelers back to the kingdom of Hemlock, rather than wander off into seemingly innocent distractions along the way. This treasure of a book tells an allegorical tale of staying true to our King, and following His way, no matter the cost. It is rich with wisdom, and hope.

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Book Review: Stepping Heavenward

“…if God chooses quite another lot for you, you may be sure that He sees that you need something totally different from what you want.”

– Elizabeth Prentiss Stepping Heavenward*

About the Book

Katy Mortimer is turning sixteen, and her mother has gifted her with a journal. Katy takes the journal, and records the next several years of her life. She journeys through the teenage years of questions and rebellion, the young adult tragedies and joys of finding love, the challenges and wonder of motherhood, and most of all, the humbling, satisfying walk with her Savior, as she steps heavenward.

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