Dear Jill Pole: A Letter to the Fearful & Thirsty

"It must be a dream, it must, it must," said Jill to herself. "I'll wake up in a moment." But it wasn't, and she didn't.The Silver Chair Dear Jill, Few fears are ever confined only to our dreams. We'd like for them to be, wouldn't we? To be able to open our eyes and realize… Continue reading Dear Jill Pole: A Letter to the Fearful & Thirsty


When He Becomes All Our Hope & Stay

Panic attacks, nightmares, and anxieties surrounding conflict or change have long been large parts of my life. I remember when I was little, I would dream that my Dad would be mortally wounded by an escaped evil warrior with an undetectable poison disguised as a Reese's cup while traveling. (I'd like to take this moment… Continue reading When He Becomes All Our Hope & Stay


Hope for Broken Hearts & Pandemics

Life is short, it's true. But boy, it can be hard sometimes. We are living in strange and confusing times. Universities are closing, borders are locking down, and everyone seems to have the answer to all questions regarding the pandemic. The confusing part is that everyone's answers are different and while we all think we're… Continue reading Hope for Broken Hearts & Pandemics