The Summer Book Club 2019

The idea for a book club was born when I watched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society with my Momma this fall. Cheesy beginning, I know. I’ve always been especially easy to persuade if there was a British accent or typewriter involved. In this case, there was both…

I like books. You have probably gathered that. I like people. I like friendship. I like good food. I like coffee. I like laughter. I like learning. Roll all those into one ball of goodness? Yes, please.

Thus, the book club was born.

It wasn’t a digital club. It was actually a bunch of little books clubs, I just provided some things that might help to start it. We went through The Pilgrim’s Progress and I’ve compiled all the fun things right here for you to download, print, and use again.

It’s really rather simple. (Simple things are another one of my favorites.)

Here’s what you have to do. Text that friend. Knock on your neighbor’s door. Invite them over.

Then if you like things laid out and organized for you, print out all the supplies you’ll need right here.

Articles for each week corelating with the guide above can be found below.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four (coming soon!)

Week Five (coming soon!)

Week Six (coming soon!)

Week Seven (coming soon!)

Week Eight (coming soon!)

Finally, find a copy of the book, open it up to the first page, and read.

You’ll be amazed. Books really do have a way of bringing people together.