My name is Madelyn Canada and I love books, beauty, and beholding Christ. I’ve been writing odds and ends since I was in Kindergarten and this little corner of the web is where I occasionally share some of the things I’ve been reading, learning, writing, and enjoying.

I am currently studying English Literature and living in the Midwest with my lovely family, dog named Gilbert, and fish named Cuthbert. (Anyone guess what a few of my favorite books are?) I seek to faithfully live the life God has given me and share the goodness and grace of Jesus with others as I do so.

Below are several blogs I follow.

From books to music to solid Scriptural encouragement, Glenna has you covered. Her album Hold Me Fast is one of my favorites. You can find a link to purchase it on her blog.

Tim Challies is a Canadian author, speaker, and blogger. When you follow his blog, you’ll get his daily A la Carte in your inbox. It is a wonderful assortment of daily articles from the web on current events, theological studies, and general news from a Christian worldview.

Lindsey does thorough reviews on books for girls. If you are wanting to find clean, fun reads for girls between 11 and 19, her blog is the place to go! She is the sweetest! Her YouTube channel is loads of fun too. Lots of book talk, fangirling, and joy!

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