A Poem: Prayer for Sheep

‘Till your life reaches fullness,

The LORD be your Shepherd;

And to His lovingkindness

May you e’er be tethered.

When you’re tempted to wander

And seek earthly pleasures,

My dear, look to your Father

The fount of all treasure.

When you’re weary from striving

Look for solace no more,

In green pastures abiding

The sheep’s rest is sure.

Beside still river waters

Follow in righteousness.

When through valleys you traverse

Fear not pain, loss, or death.

‘Tis the Shepherd’s rod and staff

That alone comfort His.

He will make straight the sheep’s path,

Stays close through each abyss.

Though this world mock, jeer, and tempt

By name the Shepherd calls

Those by God etern’ly kept

And from His care they’ll ne’er fall.

‘Tis the dear Shepherd’s voice

That triumphs all the rest,

And while sorrow we can’t avoid

He wields it for our best.

Dear sheep: stay by the Shepherd,

His glory be your aim.

Where he leads, may you follow;

May you faithful e’er stay.

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