A Few New Things & An Update

This summer marks three years since I clicked the button that gave me my own website. Initially, this corner of the web was for book reviews. As an avid reader with a low budget for books, I was exhilarated to learn about publishing companies that offered free hard copies in exchange for an honest review. A brand new book and all I had to do was share my opinions with the world?

Sign. Me. Up. I was born for this.

Something old, something new.

Over the last three years, the name of my website has remained the same, but the purpose has changed. I no longer review books, (unless I read a really good one and just have to tell you about it). This blog is still about stories though. Maybe not ones you’d pull off a shelf at the library, but stories nonetheless. These are the stories God is writing in the world around me, ones that grow more precious as I learn to watch them unfold in light of the Story. His Word.

Stories of God’s grace in ordinary lives. Stories of His provision in the ups and downs. Stories of His goodness in a world run dry. Stories of His faithfulness despite my wandering heart. My hope and prayer is no longer that you’d buy the book I’m telling you about, but that you’d lean on the Savior writing the stories I share.

I hope that here, you’ll see Him. That in every little story, you’ll be pointed toward His Big Story.

Speaking of the Big Story, another new change is the addition of Reading Plans. As I’ve grown in my love and hunger for God’s Word, I’ve found myself continuously on the lookout for realistic, simple, and printable Bible reading plans. I tend to get bogged down and discouraged by the yearly plans and wanted smaller ones. Eventually, I decided to make my own. As I continue to do so, I will be offering free PDF downloads. I hope and pray you might be encouraged to dive deeper into God’s Word with them. The first one is out now, and is designed to read through the New Testament at a faster pace, noting each description of the character of the Trinity. You can find it here.

A word to the writer.

You probably noticed the series of interviews that kicked off this year. Each month, Lord willing, I’ll be sharing a conversation with another Christian writer specifically talking about books that have shaped their writing, their faith, and words of encouragement they would offer to fellow writers. You can read the first two here and here, and be on the lookout for April’s installment next week.

The personal part of the update.

Over the last few months, my writing on here has grown fewer and farther between. Life happens, and I’m learning to take it in stride with grace and joy, even when it turns my plans upside down. I do plan on continuing to write, and Lord willing, resume a more regular schedule for it soon as this busy season slows down a touch. I’m currently in school working toward my degree in Early Childhood Education, teaching piano, goofing off with my family, and investing in my local church. Those things can require a lot of time and energy, so sometimes, writing doesn’t happen. (And that’s okay, my fellow tired writer friends. A word of encouragement for you here.)

I’m here though. I’m learning much of the grace of God. I’m thankful for His work on my behalf. I’m thankful for His Word. I’m thankful for His love. I’m thankful for His church. I’m thankful for this opportunity He has given me to share His goodness with you all.

Keep looking to Jesus, friends. He is everything.

2 thoughts on “A Few New Things & An Update

  1. Lovely! I have been jotting down stories for as long as I can remember and now into my “nana” years, I was given a story that is so vast that it is hard to get onto paper. My husband and father of our five children, papa to three, had a stroke that nearly took his life. The resulting stories came hard and fast – hard, dark, scary, then overwhelmingly good and rich with people caring for us. There are so many stories yet so much tiredness, it is hard to get them on paper but I know I have to. I have to because people need to know about the deep abiding faithfulness of God even in the midst of a personal hurricane. Thank you for being faithful with stories – they are a glimpse into the heart of our Father.

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