The Safest Place

Did you know it’s not your unwavering faith that keeps you steady but the unwavering Savior in whom your wavering faith is placed?

It’s true.

Sometimes (a lot of the time) I don’t understand God or how He works. But I know this to be true: He is good.

He’s good when I feel it, He is good when I don’t. He is good when I can see the sun, He is good when I cannot. He is good when I am happy, He is good when I am sad. He is good when the sky is clear, He is good when the rain pours down. He is good when I get it right, He is good when I miserably fail. He is good when I understand, and He is always good when I don’t understand.

He is good. Always good.

And He loves His children.

So while the rest of the world says that the only proper response to many things right now is fear, we, as children of the Most High must look them in the eye and tell them that it doesn’t have to be. The only proper response to realizing the world is broken, can and should be running to the One who is good and is making this broken creation whole again. It is trading our fear for faith. Our dread for deliverance. Our horror for hope.

I have said these things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

We breathe in and it’s a sign that we’re are not too far gone. While our hearts beat, hope reigns because Jesus offers us deliverance and life in Him. Without Jesus, there is much to fear, for all but Him will fail us. It will be gone one day. But He remains. His goodness and love wrap those who run to Him in a blanket of safety and He carries them all the way Home.

“But even when we don’t understand, or we think we do but we don’t really, the safest place is to follow along in the company of Jesus.”

Iain Wright

That’s why you and I are here you know, not to lose hope but to find it.

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Don’t be afraid. Run to the King. He isn’t tame, it’s true. But He is good, and He is the only safety in this world and the one to come.

Look around at the world. It’s in disarray. It is passing away. So, dear friend, leave it behind and follow along in the company of Jesus. It is the safest place, for it is only with Him that scarlet stained sinners are washed whiter than snow and saints are carried through the tempests and fires to reach the Home their souls long for.

Courage, dear heart. He who sets sinners free has overcome the world.

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