March Treasures 2020

I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now. I absolutely love short lists of fun, helpful, (and sometimes purely delightful) things from other writers, and thought it would be fun to start my own. Maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do, or maybe, it’ll just be a fun way for me to find joy in crazy seasons and intentionally take note of them. Either way, here are some treasures I found helpful, smile-inducing, and delightful in March. (A few weeks late, because that’s how I roll.) This month’s edition consists of one of my favorite authors reading me his books each night, laughter in suffering, a tool for more intentional prayer, a recipe for a s’more/Oreo treat that will change your life, a movie to watch, an article reminding us where we ought to focus our minds and hearts, and more.

The Val-Marie Prayer Journal – a dear friend gifted me one of these for my birthday last November, and at first I found it difficult to use. I have recently found though that when I simplify and just choose three things each morning to pray for, it’s really helped me consistently and intentionally pray for the things going on in my life and those I love.

A book on laughter and suffering – Tessa Thompson beautifully, directly (sometimes painfully so), and clearly talks about the role of suffering in the life of a believer and why we as Christian women should abound in laughter even in the midst of walking through the unimaginable pains of life in a fallen world. (And it’s on sale, fun!)

Andrew Peterson reading the Wingfeather Saga – yes, you read that right. While many of us have been quarantined to our houses, Andrew Peterson has taken the opportunity to read his books aloud to anyone who has access to Facebook live or YouTube. Each night at 8:00 EST he is reading a few chapters. He just completed the first book, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, and is starting the second, North! Or Be Eaten, on Monday (April 13th). If you haven’t been tuning in, I would start.

CityAlight’s newest song – I have yet to listen to Jesus Strong and Kind without tearing up. If you’re looking for a dose of hope, listen to this a few times and remember that it’s true.

A letter of love to the church – Glenna Marshall captured my own feelings so well in this beautiful letter.

S’moreos – auto correct is not at fault here. A s’moreo is a cross between a s’more and an Oreo that my brother invented a few summers back on our vacation to the mountains. Since that legendary night when he suggested using Oreos instead of graham crackers to make a s’more, our lives have been changed in the best way. Two Oreos, one toasted marshmallow in between. Enjoy a few this summer.

Abigail Dodds teaching the world how to make sourdough – I think everyone and their cousin is trying to master the sourdough starter during our extended time at home. After two failed attempts, I started watching Abigail Dodds tutorials on Instagram and have learned quite a bit. If you’re interested too, check it out. (Also, read her book (A)Typical Woman if you haven’t yet. My favorite book I read in 2019.)

This was a much needed reminder of where my thoughts ought to dwell – Sarah Clarkson worked her wonder with words and offered a much needed comfort and challenge to intentionally choose to think on what is eternal and good rather than what is fleeting and broken.

The March sisters – Little Women is one of my favorite novels. I recently (as in yesterday) finished reading Jo’s Boys and thus completed the series. If you haven’t read all three of Alcott’s books about the March family, it’s something you should consider doing. Another March family pleasure as of late is the new movie directed by Greta Gerwig that came out in December. It’s now available for digital purchase and it’s a delight to any Alcott fans.

A delightful blog – I stumbled across Abigail Rehmert’s blog a few weeks ago and was both encouraged and delighted with what I found there. I’m sure you will be too.

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