A Baby Sleeping & Fearless Rest

There is something incredibly natural and soothing about a baby sleeping peacefully in the arms of the one caring for him, and this morning something very convicting.

He does not raise his head to question whether my grip is strong enough to hold him if he squirms. He does not hold onto me as if I’m going to let go of him. He does not keep his eyes open to see what dangers or dilemmas may creep up on him as he sleeps.

He closes his eyes.
He relaxes his body.
He looks into my eyes before he closes his one final time with a look not born of question, but of trust.

And then he rests in my arms.

Yet here I am, as he sleeps peacefully in my grasp, internally struggling and fighting, questioning and doubting, keeping my eyes stretched open on the lookout for potential sorrow or danger, while the Father holds me in His arms.

If my friend’s baby can rest in my human arms that are destined to fail, can I not rest in my heavenly Father’s arms who are by nature incapable of failing?

We can rest, like these wise little ones, when the one we trust holds us. We can be fearless when the one who drives away the enemy stands in front of us. We can lay down and sleep in peace, for He alone makes us dwell in safety.

I’m so thankful this morning for the comfort of sleeping little ones in my lap, and my own invitation to rest without striving or squirming in the arms of the One I trust.

Whatever seeks to rob you of rest in Christ today, remember that He holds you. He will keep watch. He will comfort. He will make you dwell in safety.
While the Lord covers us, we trust.
While we trust, we rest.

And it’s a beautiful and freeing thing.

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