{Book Review} The King’s Mercy

Pauling’s message never wavered. Present suffering didn’t mean the Almighty’s purposes were void. He’d the best planned for His children, and that best would include trials. Affliction. But understanding His ways wasn’t the path to peace. Peace was always with us, because He is peace.

The King’s Mercy
Lori Benton

About the book…

Joanna Carey is the step-daughter of a wealthy plantation owner along the Cape Fear River. Her world is changed when captured rebel, Alex MacKinnon, is granted the king’s mercy and becomes an indentured servant on the plantation. Joanna aches for a different life, one where slaves are no longer treated as property, but as human beings. She listens intently to the traveling Reverend Pauling, and seeks his wisdom on the matter at hand. Alex is forced to choose between embracing the freedom Reverend Pauling speaks of so fondly, or deciding to rebel and define freedom for himself. Along the way, romance blossoms, making both Joanna and Alex’s choices far more complex than they were to begin with.

About the author…

Lori Benton was raised in the Appalachian mountains. She is a cancer survivor, and author of several books. She currently resides in Oregon, with her husband where she enjoys nature photography and writing. You can read more about her and her work here.

Some personal thoughts…

Scenery. That’s what captivated me in this novel. I grew up in North Carolina, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Lori Benton was able to really take you there with her vivid descriptions and details.

Her previous novel, Many Sparrows is one of my favorites. It captivated me on the first page with the engaging characters and suspenseful storyline. The King’s Mercy was a bit harder for me to reach the “can’t put it down” stage, but I did get there!

Each character experienced intense development throughout the story. It was well done and thoroughly enjoyable. The material covered in this story was emotionally intense and might be difficult to read for certain audiences, but Lori handled difficult subjects with tact and grace, successfully carrying the message of redemption from cover to cover.

Things worth mentioning…

Several characters in this story inflict or experience sexual abuse. While it was handled carefully and wasn’t graphic, it was still heavy material that could very well be disturbing for some readers.

Here at The Corner Shelf, you’ll find The King’s Mercy on The Middle Shelf.

**I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own.

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