The Pilgrim’s Progress: Week One

This first week of May is here, and with it the Corner Shelf Book Club begins!

Week One Recap & Suggested Further Reading

If you are following along the suggested schedule, you will have read (or be reading) the short biography of John Bunyan by John Piper. I was deeply encouraged by it, and my desire to learn more about Bunyan intensified. (What can I say though, church history always captivates me.)

Over the last week, I’ve enjoyed looking deeper into the life of this renowned Christian and the lives of his family. I encourage you and your book club to do the same! It’s well worth the effort. I’ve included below links to further reading.

A brief bio on John Bunyan

Brief biographies on the lives of Bunyan’s family and contemporaries

A Note on Social Media

Some of you may have noticed that I recently took down my Instagram account for the blog. I debated whether or not I should do that just now, since the book club was about to begin and a large amount of the information sharing and discussion happened on that account. However, I decided in the end to do it. Different seasons of life allow for different amounts of time to be dedicated to certain things, and right now, social media is one of the things that can take a backseat while more important things move to the front row. That being said, I do still have my Twitter account where I share links to posts and brief updates so if social media is your main source of information and links to blog posts, you can follow me there (@thecornershelf). I do greatly appreciate your understanding!

Looking Ahead

I have enjoyed the radio theatre of The Pilgrim’s Progress put together by Answers In Genesis. Click here to view it. If you have younger ones participating, or maybe want to enhance the reading of it for adults, I would highly recommend it. A very well done production.

This next week we will begin The Pilgrim’s Progress and my excitement is ever growing. As you read through the first chapters this coming week alongside your friends and family, I encourage you to think about it often and let it mull over in your mind. It is a powerful book.

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