The Pilgrim’s Progress Companion Guide Weeks 1-5

It’s here!

*Finally* the first five weeks of the companion guide for the summer book club is AVAILABLE!!

The second half of the guide will release before it’s time to start using it. 🙂

The companion guide was designed to accompany reading through The Pilgrim’s Progress as it is divided and formatted by Desiring God. The printable PDF for that book can be found here.

Dr. John Piper provides a short biography of John Bunyan’s life in this edition, which is where those of us using the companion guide will be spending week one.

This printable guide is completely OPTIONAL. To participate in the book club requires only a reader, their book, and a friend. I provided this for anyone who wants to take it a level deeper without spending a whole lot of time doing the prep work. So, if you want to use it, click the link below and print it out. If not, that is absolutely fine!

I will be sharing weekly posts here on the blog as well during the months we are reading. Upon completion, the companion guide (parts one and two), weekly posts, and the entire set of Literary Journal pages will be compiled and available on the website.

The companion guide for this study will also corelate with Happy Hymnody’s hymns for May and June. If you aren’t familiar yet with April and the #hymnofthemonth families, now is the chance to fix that! You can follow her on Instagram @happyhymnody or check out the website here.

I really hope you’ll join us. It’s sure to be a memorable summer.

For more information on the book club, click here. To download and print the companion guide, click the link below. Happy weekend, friends!

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