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{Book Review} The Negotiator

Kate O’Malley had been in the dungeon since dawn.

-The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

About the book…

Kate O’Malley is one of the toughest hostage negotiators on the force. She is known for her willingness to walk into any situation, regardless of the potential threat. Kate’s normal, routine, and thrilling world is shaken however when her sister Jennifer comes for a visit, with more than one piece of shocking news. In the wake of the personal news, Kate is pulled into a serious investigation when a plane explodes in mid-air, moments after an anonymous phone call is made to the flight tower putting her at risk. She and FBI agent, Dave Richman, team up to figure out why someone blew up a plane, and how in the world, she is connected to it. The answers push Kate to finally deal with her belief (or lack thereof) in God, and how a good God could allow so much heartache.

About the author…

Dee Henderson is the author of fourteen novels. Her most well known books are The O’Malley Chronicles and Full Disclosure. She resides in Illinois, where she spends her time reading, writing, and enjoying God and His creation.

Some personal thoughts…

This was the first Dee Henderson book, or romantic suspense for that matter, I ever read. I remember finishing it in two days, and then hopping on Amazon to order the rest of the series. Since I was leaving for vacation the next morning, I had them shipped to where we were going, and finished the whole series on that trip!

Before reading this book, I had no idea how many different jobs there actually were on the police force, and it fascinated me. I’ve always had an interest in law enforcement, crime solving, and forensics, so this book fueled my desire to learn more.

I loved the anticipation this book offered. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole story. Honestly though, my favorite part of the O’Malley books, is Jennifer’s story that is quietly, but eloquently woven throughout the six original books. If you read Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story you already are aware of the turmoil she has gone through, and her new found faith that has given her strength to keep going. If you haven’t, you’ll find it all out right alongside Kate in The Negotiator. Jennifer’s deepest desire, is to see her brothers and sisters come to know Christ. She doesn’t mess around with it either. I love the sister dynamic in this book, seeing Jennifer come alongside Kate in her trials, and Kate in turn do the same for Jennifer, is truly a beautiful aspect of the story.

I’m the oldest of seven, and so the O’Malley siblings relationships are something I can personally relate too. The older my family has gotten, the deeper the relationships have grown, and I can honestly say that my brother who is a few years younger than me, has become my best friend. This makes the sibling scenes throughout the story, really cool for me. It reminds me of my own family, and I have always really enjoyed that.

I have a lot of friends who love Dave. Dave the FBI agent who makes chocolate milkshakes and has a British accent. I have to be honest though… he wasn’t my favorite. Which is really weird, because I typically am for any British characters. My personal favorite guy in the O’Malley series, doesn’t come around until the next book, and doesn’t become the focus of the story until the third book. But, Dave isn’t too bad. Just a little too gushy for me. Some people love that, though.


Things worth mentioning…

This is a romantic suspense. It is very suspenseful and very romantic. Dave and Kate very obviously flirt throughout the book, and kiss once of twice.

There are a few scenes where dead bodies are being dealt with and described. Nothing too disgusting, but enough to know what happened to cause the deaths.


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