{Book Review} When Comes the Spring

This is just the beginning, Elizabeth. We have today as a memory, but we have all of the tomorrows as exciting possibilities.

-When Comes the Spring

About the book…

This is the second book in the Canadian West Saga. Her life as a single teacher in the Wild West is over. She’s fallen in love, and is following the man of her dreams to the uncivilized Northern Territory. But this isn’t an easy going love story. They don’t live happily ever after, but they live stronger ever after. The North is a lonely, cold, dark place, where not a single person seems to share the love for God that Elizabeth does. The challenges, the loneliness, the doubts, creep in and threaten to tear apart their new marriage. In the end, Wynn and Elizabeth must face the fact: they cannot do this alone. They can only be sustained by the God who brought them together.

About the author…

Janette Oke, is the pioneer of modern inspirational fiction, and as of 2016, the author of seventy-five books. Her popular Love Comes Softly Series is beloved worldwide. She grew up in Canada, and resides there now with her husband Edward where they are actively involved in their church.

Some personal thoughts…

I have to admit, I had forgotten most of the story since I’d read it the last time. A special gift I have. This was the first book in awhile that has made me cry and I definitely wasn’t expecting it. I am so glad I had forgotten it, so that I could experience it all over again.

I think my favorite part of this story, is that Elizabeth learns, and the reader right alongside her, that you don’t need scores of friends to avoid loneliness. She lived in the desolate Northern Territory for a winter. A handful of people spoke her language, and when the weather was bad, there was no chance for stopping by each other’s homes. But she had the Lord. He never leaves us, never forgets us, and never slumbers.

There are many times in my life when I have forgotten this, or neglected to remind myself of the truth that Jesus is truly enough. There are seasons when He is our only friend, and it is not lacking or unsatisfactory. When we turn our eyes upon Him and trust that perfection is truly stamped on His every act, the peace, solace, and joy we find is incomparable to that of even the closest human friend in the world. Truly, what a friend we have in Jesus.

I could say more about how much I love this book, and talk about my favorite parts, but all I’m going to say further is: wow, hello character development. I think you’d enjoy it far more to read and discover this delightful story for yourself. Read it. You won’t regret it.


Things worth mentioning…

There are a few times when alcohol is consumed carelessly by several men. Nothing inappropriate takes place, and it is put to end by the authoritative Mountie. *insert winking emoji here* Honestly one of the best parts.


Here at The Corner Shelf you’ll find When Comes the Spring on The Top Shelf. 

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