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Book Review: Danger in the Shadows

With every book, another fact, another detail, another intense emotion, broke from her own past… Reliving what had happened to her twenty-five years ago was terrifying. Necessary, but terrifying.

Dee Henderson Danger in the Shadows

About the book…

Sara Walsh has lived under intense security for twenty-five years, and now more than ever she wishes her past didn’t require it. Adam Black is a former football player who attracts far to much attention to be seen with Sara. When they begin to form a close friendship, will the FBI be able to catch the man out to get Sara before her association with Adam leads the killer straight to her? Can Sara learn to rest in the sovereignty of God, regardless of the situation she finds herself in?

About the author…

Dee Henderson is the author of fourteen novels. Her most well known books are The O’Malley Chronicles and Full Disclosure. She resides in Illinois, where she spends her time reading, writing, and enjoying God and His creation.

Some personal thoughts…

Mysteries are my thing. They always have been, and at this rate, always will be. I like suspenseful romances, and I like detective novels. I have a Sherlock Holmes figurine on my desk, and a beautifully bound edition of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express frequently found on my bedside table. CLUE is my favorite board game, and when it’s not Christmas time, my movie nights are spent with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (Any Aurora Teagarden or Garage Sale Mystery fans out there?)

I think I’ve made it clear: I love, love, LOVE mysteries.

Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Series and the prequel, Danger in the Shadows top the list of my favorite Christian suspense reads. I guess you could call them my fluff reads, similar to whipped cream. You know those times you are in the kitchen late at night, not necessarily hungry, but want something sweet and momentarily satisfying? If you’re like me, you grab the whipped cream can and squirt it straight into your mouth. I like to have whipped cream sometimes, and I let myself do it. But I don’t maintain a steady diet of whipped cream. It’s a rare treat, not a common consumption. If I were to eat whipped cream all the time, that would be very unhealthy. I like to think of books in a similar way. Fluff reads (like clean Christian suspense novels) are okay every once in awhile, but if that was all a person read, they would become very unhealthy.

I am reviewing these books because I know, like me, there are others out there who love a good mystery, but don’t want to compromise their beliefs and conscience to enjoy one. These books are great for that. But, similar to whipped cream, don’t only read these types of books. There are lots more out there.

When I want something lighthearted and entertaining (a little whipped cream, shall we say (: ), Dee Henderson’s books are frequently picked up. Danger in the Shadows is no exception. This one is quite the page turner. I enjoyed re-reading it as much as I enjoyed it the first time. The beauty of this particular mystery novel, is that you really can’t figure out whodunit until the very end. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for sure. I read it in one sitting the first time, and in two this time. Fabulously done, Henderson. To be able to write a mystery like this, is truly a gift. I’m already itching to start the next book, The Negotiator. (Review for that coming Oct. 17, keep your eyes peeled.)

This is a romance. A cheesy romance. I like a good love story, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I skip over the more gushy parts of a romantic suspense, because in all honesty, I’m here to find the culprit, not play Cupid. A wise friend/mentor of mine also said when she gifted me several of Henderson’s books as a birthday present, “Be careful how much you let yourself linger on the romance these novels. Real love is a thousand times better and a thousand times harder than they depict.” I haven’t forgotten her words, and share them with you all today.

Those things said, for an occasional fluff read to relax, Danger in the Shadows is a personal favorite. Also, spoiler alert: Dave? The British FBI agent you’ll meet when you read the book, he comes back around… and you’ll want to remember him.


Things worth mentioning…

It’s a romance, there is kissing, and hand holding, and flirting. Nothing inappropriate, but definitely frequent displays of affection.

The mystery itself has some intense moments. Children are harmed, and crimes involving them are frequently brought up, as it pertains to the case in progress. There were a few times that felt like a punch in the gut.

Overall it’s a pretty clean read, with a page turning crime to solve.


Here at The Corner Shelf, you’ll find Danger in the Shadows on The Middle Shelf.


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