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Book Review: Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

She took the offered hand, and hers disappeared in his. “Jennifer O’Malley.”

“Nice to meet you, Jennifer.”

-Dee Henderson Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

About the book…

The O’Malley family. Seven orphans who grew up in the same orphanage, and formed their own family, legally changing all their last names to “O’Malley” as soon as they reached legal adulthood. All seven of them now live around the country, with different jobs, making an effort to stay together as the years go by. Jennifer is the youngest, a pediatrician in Texas who is about to have her world shaken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When tough times at work hit, she finds herself asking questions about God that she’s never wondered before. Ironically the man she goes to for answers, begins to steal her heart. But when her worst nightmare becomes Jennifer’s reality, will her new found faith be enough to sustain her?

About the author…

Dee Henderson is the author of fourteen novels. Her most well known books are The O’Malley Chronicles and Full Disclosure. She resides in Illinois, where she enjoys reading, writing, and enjoying God.

Some personal thoughts…

I love, love, LOVE the O’Malley books. They were the first suspense books I read, and have reread them every fall for the last four (five?) years. Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story was actually written after the original six novels in the series, and their prequel, Danger in the Shadows. For chronology’s sake, I am beginning with this review though as we go through the series. In two weeks, you’ll find the review for Danger in the Shadows. I am alternating every other week with a historical fiction series I am also reviewing this fall.

Jennifer’s story is one you can’t read with dry eyes. It’s a short, but moving little book. I originally read it in one sitting. Her character is the sweet one of the story. Quiet, compassionate, loyal, and utterly devoted to who and what she loves. You can’t help loving her. At least, I couldn’t.

The other O’Malley stories are suspenseful, with quite a bit of crime solving and intrigue. Jennifer’s is not. This story is about her and Tom. This story is about Jennifer and the Lord. This story is just a beautifully simple story. No bad guys, no shootings, no missing person’s cases. Just two doctors who fall in love. Sweet. Simple. Satisfying.

The way Tom and Jennifer work together through hardship is probably my favorite element of this book, and the ones that follow it. First God, then each other, then everything else.

I want to talk about the ending. But if I did that, I would spoil the whole book. So please, read the book, but keep a tissue with you. If you don’t want spoilers, please stop reading. The next section, I tried my best to keep vague, but if you are a hardcore “Don’t you dare say a word about what happens or I’ll make your life miserable” kind of person, you might want to just read the book first. 🙂


Things worth mentioning…

THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY CLEAN. There you go anti-spoilers, that’s all you need to know before you read it, so you are dismissed.

For those who like to have a better idea as to what they are getting themselves into…

This book is the beginning of a very sweet, but sad story. There is loss, there are life changing health problems, and there is death. In this particular book, several young children die from diseases, and Jennifer mourns, as any human would. As a pediatrician, health crisis’ are not something her story could leave out. So if those sorts of things bother you a lot, be forewarned. Nothing major or detailed, just the life of a woman who spends her days trying to save lives, and sometimes there’s nothing she can do.

Here at The Corner Shelf, you’ll find Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story on The Top Shelf. 


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