Interview with Lindsey Zimpel (BFCG)

Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for agreeing to join me for an interview! I discovered your blog while setting mine up and looking for some fellow book bloggers to connect with and loved what I found on your site! What made you want to start reviewing books?

Hi Madelyn! Aww, thank you so very much for your sweet words and having me on your site! I’m so honored to be here. 😊 Reviewing books wasn’t actually my idea, to be honest. When I was around thirteen/fourteen, I was constantly looking for clean reads and wished there was a site with content reviews of only Christian books. After mumbling that wish under my breath, I had a peace that could only come from the Lord that He would be with me and to do the site. I never imagined how much this ministry would grow and it’s be an amazing journey.

You mentioned in one of your YouTube videos, that you managed to read 400+ books in one year. That is astounding. Before I had a job and studying, I read ALL THE TIME. We would go to the library weekly, and I would check out seven books, one for each day of the week, always finishing my stack before Saturday. I’ll be honest though, as I’ve gotten older, and busier, my reading has significantly decreased. Do you think it is important to make a discipline of reading, even when life is crazy, and if so, how come?

Love hearing your library story, Madelyn! I completely understand about how life can get in the way of reading! I am personally in a stage of life where I can’t read as much as I have in prior years. Not being able to read as much as wanted can make many bookworms frustrated and it’s understandable! I personally believe that it all goes back to making time for the things you want to do and experience. Life definitely can keep you busy, but you can always have a book with you for those moments of a slight break. I think it’s important to read when you’re in the mood to read. Reading a book if you’re exhausted has the possibility for you to enjoy the book less the than potential amount. At least, this happens to me! I’m a firm believer of making time to do things you love and are able to do. The “quality, over quantity” phrase comes to my mind on this topic. 😊

What are some practical tips you’d offer for young adult/teenage girls who want to make a habit of reading? Read in the morning, read at night? Have a reading schedule, or fly by the seat of your pants?

I’m definitely a person who loves lists and schedules, but I admit that I don’t schedule a set time to read each day or whenever. I know which books have to be reviewed by which date, typically, so I just try to make time in my day to read whatever book needs to be read. Maybe instead of watching a TV show or spending hours on YouTube (unless you’re watching my videos, then, by all means, stay on YouTube. Kidding, of course! 😉 ) pick up a book. Audio books are also a popular option if you have chores or exercises to do.

Okay, now for some fun bookish questions, because, well because, we are book lovers, and we should be able to just have some fun! What was your favorite series you read growing up?

Oooh, yay! Let’s see…Nancy Drew was a favorite between my bestie and me. She finished the whole series, but I believe I stopped somewhere in the 30s. We also loved the Mysterious Benedict Society series by Trenton Lee Stewart. I personally own way too many copies of that series! Haha!

Nancy Drew! Mysteries are just the best. I was a Mandie fan when I was little (still am, if I’m honest), and as I got older Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes became favorites. What about as a high school student?

These were the main years of Books for Christian Girls reviewing, and, personally, I loved teen books like the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn (which I still have not finished!) and different Melody Carlson YA books.

I’m just now reading Christy Miller after a friend recommended it! I loved Robin Jones Gunn’s Finding Father Christmas Trilogy as well. So, do you ever plan on writing books yourself?

Oh, goodness! I have plenty ideas and thoughts, but the actual writing process is the problem. I’ve learned that I’m more of a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ writer in the sense of plotting and planning. I love dialogue so all the drafts I do have started (which is way. too. many.) mainly have dialogue points that have expanded out into paragraphs and chapters. It’s really quite funny to know that while I’m a super planner on everything else in my life, writing and reading just have to happen, instead of planning them out.

And lastly, what would be one piece of advice you’d give to a girl who wants to read, but doesn’t feel like she has the time?

Don’t beat yourself up for not reading or feel guilty! Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 shares that there is a time for everything in your life, so it’s understandable that one year you may be able to read a lot, but the next year you don’t get to read as much because of different things happening in your life. Reading is something that should be enjoyed, not a burden of “Oh, my goodness. I haven’t updated my Goodreads challenge in three weeks!” and then feel guilty for not reading when others around you are reading. Just try to enjoy reading and not compare your reading life to others you see online. Everyone has different times in their lives, you just have to do you and make time for what you’d like to accomplish. Whether that’s learning an instrument or reading a pile of books. 🙂

So well said. Thank you, Lindsey so much for your time! I’ve enjoyed it!

These were such fantastic questions, Madelyn! Thank you again so much for having me on your lovely site!


IF you haven’t already, check out Lindsey’s blog here.

Or follow her on Instagram @booksforchristiangirls

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  1. Madelyn, I enjoyed reading your interview with Lindsey. It was of great encouragement to me read her thoughts about not being discouraged when you get behind in reading & not feeling discouraged. I have to admit I get myself “in trouble” when I’m reading instead of my necessary chores! Love you sweet girl & I hope you’re getting settled in your new home. Lovingly, Susan Sanford

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