Dear Homeschool Mom

Dear Homeschool Mom,

I know you work tirelessly from before sunrise to after sunset. I know you sometimes forgo your morning shower to help me with a math problem. I know you say “no” to lunch invitations from your girlfriends because I have a piano lesson. I know you cry sometimes, because you’re afraid I’ll never learn to read. I know you think you’re a failure at the end of some days because I still can’t remember the difference between a pronoun and a noun.

You may wonder sometimes if it’s all worth it. All this chaos and struggling and feeling as if you are letting me down, will it be of any value after the cap and gown have been worn and the diploma been given? Will it really have made a difference? Will I have truly understood all that you gave me? Will you have succeeded?

Stop wondering. Because the answer is yes. It is worth it.

While I may see what you are doing, I often don’t understand it like you do. I’m little right now, and my view from down here is much smaller and simpler than yours. Where you see a moment of failure while trying to figure out why I don’t understand multiplication, I see a moment of you and me working together. Where you see a deadline for end of year testing, I see the beginning of summer fun. Where you see a day’s plans ruined and school undone, I see a spontaneous chance to just be with you. Where you see my future in your delicate and fragile hands, ready to crash and burn because of your insufficiency, I see dreams to be who you tell me I can be.

You see, dear homeschool mom, I won’t be able to understand what it’s like to have the responsibility you have right now, because you’ve given me the gift of just trusting you.

Now learn from me, dear homeschool mom, and trust the One who gives you the gift of just trusting.

He sees you. He understands how hard it can be. He understands how challenging this task He has given you truly is, even if I don’t. But like you always sing, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” That includes you, too, dear homeschool mom.

You taught me to trust, now let me teach you. When we both trust, we can keep going. We will finish this one day. I will learn to spell, and multiply, and read. You will learn to laugh, and play, and keep trying. Don’t give up. Trust Him, while I trust you.

And thanks, dear homeschool mom, for just being you.

With love,

A homeschooled child

4 thoughts on “Dear Homeschool Mom

  1. In the midst of planning for our upcoming school year, your lovely words remind me of how thankful I am to the One who gave me the heart to educate my children at home. ❤


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