Book Review: The Golden Thread

“The only way of being delivered from temptation is to be brave, and do what is right, come what may.”

-Norman MacLeod The Golden Thread

About the Book…

Young Philip lives in the kingdom of Hemlock, where his father is the King. The kingdom is happy and safe, and full of joy and love. However, as with all far kingdom’s, there is evil that seeks to destroy it. When the prince is off on an annual hunting party, he gets lost and cannot make out which is the way home on his own. Philip must learn to follow his father’s golden thread, that winds through the forest to bring lost travelers back to the kingdom of Hemlock, rather than wander off into seemingly innocent distractions along the way. This treasure of a book tells an allegorical tale of staying true to our King, and following His way, no matter the cost. It is rich with wisdom, and hope.

About the Author…

Born on June 3, 1812, Norman MacLeod grew up to be a well known and much beloved Scottish clergyman. He married Catherine in 1851, and continue working in the Scottish church, as well as writing. The Golden Thread was written for his children, and originally published in the Good Words magazine, of which he was the editor. He died on June 16, 1872 and is buried in Campsie.

Some Personal Thoughts…

While this book wasn’t necessarily a page turner, it was a must read. Being only 91 pages long, there are few good reasons not to read it. I finished it in two days, and it only took that long because, well, because of life. (:

I found it immensely encouraging, specifically in regards to the inward battle we all fight with the temptation to question, “Did God really mean that?The Golden Thread is a good mix of The Pilgrim’s Progress and The Giant Killer, both of which though, I would say were much more captivating. This would only make sense though, since they had many more pages to develop character, plot, and setting.

Nonetheless, I think Philip’s story of following the golden thread is one that has the potential to bring much encouragement to followers of Christ, young and old.

Things Worth Mentioning… 

Golden thread

This little book is clean as a whistle and manages to deal with hard things, in a very family friendly way. There was nothing in it that I wouldn’t be comfortable reading to the entire family.

I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a little inspiration to keep up the good fight, and here at The Corner Shelf you’ll find it on The Middle Shelf.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Golden Thread

  1. My little local Library can get the Golden Thread for me through their inter library loan. It will be a few weeks before it arrives but I’m looking forward to reading it. 😉


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